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Cardano Stake Pool

Operated out of the snowy plains of Laramie, Wyoming

Ticker: UWYO

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About the UWABL Stake Pool

The University of Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Laboratory operates a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain network. The project is supported by the University of Wyoming Foundation and aims to engage students across the business and engineering disciplines.

About our operation
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Our stake pool is built on Amazon Web Services for high reliability and simplicity of provisioning. The latest and greatest tools and practices in continuous deployment, integration, and monitoring help us achieve near-zero downtime. Check our pool's performance on

how to support
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Learn more about Cardano's novel staking mechanism on their website. If you own Ada, the native cryptocurrency of Cardano, you can delegate to our pool through any of the major wallet applications. Find our ticker:


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Interested in knowing more? Find out more by sending us a message using the contact information provided on our website. We are always looking for interested and knowledgable students and collaborators.